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🇬🇧 Video Tutorial ⚙️ OctoTable Configuration Guidelines

In this brief video tutorial we'll see together

  • How to create Halls and Areas 
  • How to generate the Tables map with safety distance 
  • Shift management 
  • How to create your brand new Digital Menu 

Please do not hesitate to write us for requesting further support or a Live Demo

How can I send messages to my customers via Whatsapp?

Chat with your diners on Whatsapp!


In each reservation page you find the Automatic messages section:

If the customer registered their phone numbers you can send a pre-set message on Whatsapp!

Click on the menu to pick out the message you need to send and then click on the Whatsapp icon:

Then you will be redirected to Whatsapp Web to confirm the sending!

Do not forget you won't see the Whatsapp icon if there is no number registered.

In order to access the detail of the reservation go to the reservation list and click on the green pencil next to the reservation you need to send the message to.

If you need to check out if Whatsapp service is active or not in your subscription plan go to Upgrade > Version.


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Discover Octotable takeaway and delivery services!

Bars and restaurants closed? Use our takeaway and home delivery service!

Go to Configuration > General settings and activate the service you offer by turning [on] the button.

Customize your payment options:

  • pay now or cash on delivery: insert 100% at Deposit percentage and turn ON Cash on delivery
  • pay now: insert 100% at Deposit percentage and turn OFF Cash on delivery
  • pay a deposit: set the percentage you want and turn OFF Cash on delivery

Set the minimum distance for your delivery service, the minimum order and the delivery fee.

Now access Shifts section and click on the shift you want to add the service on the green crayon.

For example select the shift LUNCH:

at Booking mode select the services available

( if you offer only takeaway and delivery at lunch select only those in the menu)

In the same page set the maximum bookings per shift and per hour, for both services (click here to know more about it)

Go to Configuration > General settings and activate all the options:

Here you see the page displayed for the customer:

they select the reservation type

then they choose the service type

Online orders will be displayed on Reservations > Orders with their icon and name in orange:

Note: the time you see on Order page refers to the delivery time, not the creation of reservation (you find it in reservations list)

You see the reservations list on Reservations > Takeaway and Reservations... (More)


How to create a takeaway menu or a delivery menu?

If your restaurant has different menus based on the type of delivery, you can configure them all on Octotable in a few steps.

Let's create the take away menu.

1. Create the categories of the Takeaway menu

Access the Digital Menu> Categories and dishes and create the TAKE AWAY STARTERS category which will be different from the ROOM STARTERS.

Enter on the left a name visible only to you and your staff and on the right if you want you can put a different one for your site (if you leave the field empty you will see the name entered on the left)

Immediately below from the drop-down menu select only TAKE-AWAY among the available booking methods, as you can see here 👇

Do the same for all the other categories, main courses, side dishes and desserts etc.

You will get a list like this 👇

Click on the orange button to change the order of the categories and see everything clearer.

The orange icon tells you the type of booking for that category.

2. Create dishes for the new Takeaway category

Now click on the blue button next to each "takeaway" category and create the dishes (you can internally rename them with the takeaway name to distinguish them from the others and choose a public name that does not show this wording)

(Click here for more information on how to create the dishes)

3. Create the Takeaway menu

Access the Digital Menu> Menu Design section and click on... (More)