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🇬🇧 Video Tutorial ⚙️ OctoTable Configuration Guidelines

In this brief video tutorial we'll see together

  • How to create Halls and Areas 
  • How to generate the Tables map with safety distance 
  • Shift management 
  • How to create your brand new Digital Menu 

Please do not hesitate to write us for requesting further support or a Live Demo

Print the QR codes of the tables and order directly from your position

Do you want to prevent your customers from queuing to order?

With Octotable you can print the QR codes of each table (or workstation) through which customers can order and even pay the bill directly from their smartphone.

Access the HALL/PRODUCT section and click on the green pencil ✏️ corresponding to a room.


🔶 Next to the item Tables you will find the Print QR code button of the tables 🖨️


🔶 By clicking on the appropriate button you can download and consequently print the QR codes of each table, as in the example:

🔶 At this point, all you have to do is cut out the codes and stick them on the respective table or station.

In this way when the customer places an order from his smartphone 📲 in the kitchen they will know which station he will refer to, easy right?

💠 Do you want more information about online orders? Click HERE

Choose how to customize your digital menu

From the DIGITAL MENU> Design menu section you can choose one of the many themes made available for the paid version:

You can choose one for each menu created.

🔶You can also decide whether or not to show the menu header by selecting the appropriate tab:

If you deactivate it, the digital menu will have the chosen theme as background without the upper image.

🔶You can also decide whether or not to show the different languages ​​proposed in the Digital Menu 🌏 and the index 🔤 of all the categories created by activating the components visible in the menu. If you decide to activate them, they will be displayed like this:

🔶Finally, by activating the Order now option, the customer can order the dishes on the menu simply by clicking on the appropriate button that will be shown on the menu:

Once you click on Order now! the customer must select the table assigned to him and fill in the form with his data.

Then you can start ordering!


How to automatically top up credit on Octotable

Don't forget to upload your credit to Octotable! 💰

From the SUBSCRIPTION> Upgrade section, activating the Enable automatic charging function, the amount chosen by you will be recharged every month in order to always have enough credit to take advantage of the Octotable subscription: