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Are you new here? - Follow this guide to set up your account!


Follow these tutorials to set up your account! 👇🏻

1. Create your dining areas, tables and seats

Set up your rooms and tables to seat your guests. Create the floor plan of your restaurant and have a daily overview of the reservations and guests seated. A few clicks to recreate your daily activities on your online planning.

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2. Create your Digital Menu

The digital menu is the core of OctoTable. Online menu is way more convenient than the paper menu, especially for safety reasons. Create your digital menu and translate it automatically in many languages.

📖 Article: Where do I create my digital menu?

📖 Article: Create the dishes on your menu!

📖 Article: Create the categories for your menu!

3. Customize your reservation page

The reservation page is totally customizable. Choose the right picture for the background and insert your logo as well. Install the widget on your website.

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4. Create your services and enable Pickup and Delivery

Create breakfast, lunch and dinner service. You can customize the reservation process, enable pickup... (More)


Manage your restaurant according to your needs

OctoTable always takes your needs in consideration, and that is the reason why you can decide how you want to best manage your restaurant. 

From the menu on the left-hand side under Configuration > General settings you can decide whether or not to activate the tab Ignore configurations for manual bookings (e.g. New room reservation not in service).  

A) By setting this to Yes, you can manage manual bookings without taking configurations into account

A couple of examples may be useful to better understand: 

1) You can create a new reservation in a Room not associated with the service. 
For example, I have two rooms, Indoor Room and Outdoor Room, and I have associated the Indoor Room with the Lunch service. By activating this option, I can enter a reservation for the Lunch service in the Outdoor Room even though I have not associated that room with that service. 

2) I can place a 6-person reservation on a 4-person table. 

B) By setting the option to NO, the system will enforce the configurations set

Returning to the example above: if I wanted to make a reservation in a room NOT associated with the service, the system would not show the room in question as bookable. 

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Octorate - Octotable connection!

Make your guests experience even more unforgettable!

Which are the main features of the updated connection to OctoTable?

  • Room service
  • Book a table in your restaurant
  • Create a single receipt restaurant + hotel

Let's see them all more in depth:

How can I offer Room Service? 🍷

You want to be sure that you have properly connected your Octorate account to your OctoTable account, click here to know more about it.

You can offer Room service through Web Concierge or by scanning a QR code:

1. Offer Room Service through WebConcierge

Go to Octorate in Marketing > WebConcierge and select Yes on Room Service.

You can even custom the section title according to the service you offer.

Your guest will be able to ask for Room Service on the WebConcierge and he/she will be redirected to your Digital Menu. Your guests' information will be automatically copied from Octorate.

You can check your Room service requests on your OctoTable account on Bookings > Room service.

2. Offer Room Service using QRcode

Go to Configuration > Dining areas and access you Octorate property by clicking on the green pencil.
Then click on [Print QR code] to print all the rooms QR code.

You will download a PDF with your QR Code, so you can place them in your rooms.

Your guests can scan that code and complete the room service request as we showed you above.

How can I let my guests book a table at the restaurant? 🍴

Go to... (More)


In Octotable you can activate the phone number authentication

Ask for phone number confirmation when making a booking so that you will no longer receive false bookings

With OctoTable you can be safe: thanks to phone number authentication you will no longer receive bookings with fake phone numbers.

Go to Configuration > General Settings and put ON to Enable SMS Confirmation.

The customer must enter the security code received on his mobile phone to confirm the booking!

As long as he doesn't enter the authentication code, he cannot confirm the reservation:

Try it now, log in to your account!

Please note that the cost of each sms will be deducted from your remaining credit.

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