Install the script and allow your customers to book directly from your site!

Go to the Configuration> Widgets section to access the configuration screen and click on [Add].


How to install the booking widget on your site?


To install the booking widget on your site, just copy the source code to the page where you want the booking engine to appear



Or if you have a Wordpress site you can download the plugin available on the same page:



Follow the automatic process to install the ZIP file in the Wordpress interface (do not copy the file manually!)


If you are not familiar with this stuff, ask your webmaster for help! 👨🏻‍💻


How to customize the widget?


This is the default base widget:



  • Name - give the widget a name to distinguish it from others
  • Title - enter a phrase to be placed above the widget to specify the service
  • Booking page - choose which booking page to link to
  • Room - choose which room in your venue it should be associated with


Install the widget on your website as soon as possible and do some testing to see the final effect.


If you are an expert IT user you can customize the graphic style of the widget as you like and make the booking experience even more exclusive for your diners!


- insert the CSS in the CSS section and check the effect in real time on the page where you have inserted the source code, by clicking on [Preview] at the bottom of the page.



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