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Online reservations
Asked a question 8 months ago

hey i am alex and i am new to the community i have several questions because i am new to octotable. i would be very happy if anyone could help me 1. how do i change maximum covers per timeslot ? now there are only 4... and my second question . is there a way that octotable automatically sends me an email with every reservation that includes date time number of guests and name ? so i don't have to log in every time ? the reservations take place exclusively through google

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Hi @Alexandros Passias34 , first of all you created only 4 covers in your dining room click this link43 to see an article in which we explain how to add Rooms and tables. 
If you want to limit the number of covers per timeslot please take a look at this article --> link30
Yes, Octotable can send you automatic emails in which you can see customers data and details of the reservation. 
Go to Automatic email/sms text and select the one you want to receive in this case it will be Mail new confirmation for restaurant. 
Finally you just need to flag on Active and put Yes
Hope this will be useful, thank you very much.