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Online reservations
Online reservations
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@Kristina Reynikova - 7858927 Buenos días, era debido a que tenías dos servicios en marcha en el mismo horario, pusimos la comida de 13:00 a 17:00 para que Google reconociera los horarios de los dos servicios.
Hemos enviado la solicitud del botón Reservar mesa a Google, que estará activo en tu perfil de Google my Business a partir de mañana. 

no podemos conectar las reservas con Google, a primera vista hemos completado todos los requisitos, pero aun no puedo activar la conexión con Google

What do you mean by ''if I finish the places in a room there's the possibility to use the other tables''?

In other words, you are trying to physically move tables from one room to another?

1) If room 1 is full and room 2 has tables available, do you want to physically move tables from room 2 to room 1, as there is still space available in room 1?

2) Or do you want to be able to make the customer book a table in another room when the availability of a room is exhausted?


1) The solution in this case would be to go to Configuration > Dining Areas, copy the tables you want to move from the blue button, select the tables you want to move to the other room and click the orange Move to another Area button (PIC29).

To have them available at all times without affecting the real availability of seats, you can deactivate the tables by clicking on the appropriate button (PIC25), when you physically move them to the other room, you can decide to reactivate them .

2) If you want the customer to be able to reserve another room when a room is full go to Configuration > Dining Areas and in the top right-hand corner you will find the Availability settings tab, under Availability out of stock select Error.

In this case, if you have allowed the customer to choose the room (Configuration >... (More)

Hi @Alexandros Passias42 , first of all you created only 4 covers in your dining room click this link54 to see an article in which we explain how to add Rooms and tables. 
If you want to limit the number of covers per timeslot please take a look at this article --> link39
Yes, Octotable can send you automatic emails in which you can see customers data and details of the reservation. 
Go to Automatic email/sms text and select the one you want to receive in this case it will be Mail new confirmation for restaurant. 
Finally you just need to flag on Active and put Yes
Hope this will be useful, thank you very much.