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How can I stop receiving last minute reservations?

Access the Service section and click on the pencil next to the service you want to apply the limitation to.

In the Booking Settings section, enter the value under the item Minimum advance reservations:

E.g. if your service starts at 12am and you want to receive reservations no later than 10am, enter the value 2, so that reservations are going to be accepted within the previous two hours.

The customer who tries to make a reservation after 10am will find availability for the next time slot (e.g 12.30 am).

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How can I let my guest to create their own plates?

Allow your guests to create their own sandwich, pizza or salad!

Discover OctoTable Extra ingredients!


Go to Digital Menu > Extra ingredients and click on ADD


Enter a name and the extra charge for the ingredient:


Enter the name in the available languages:


Finally select the categories ( e tutti i piatti che ne fanno parte ) to be paired to this ingredient, or you can select each item


During the reservation process your guests will be able to choose their ingredients from their list!


Take a look at the video down below to know more about it! 👇🏻


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Set up your Kitchen Printer!

Set up the kitchen printer on your OctoTable account!

Get the EpsonTM-T70II and connect it to your OctoTable account.

Then go to Configuration> Printer section and click Add. Choose EPSON.

On the next page you need

- set a static IP address for the device on the right side of the screen

Now you need type in the address bar the IP of your device >> (http: // assignedIPaddress) and you are asked to enter username (type "epson") and password (type "epson")

a page like this will open:

- click on Configuration> ePOS-Print

- now select Enable and then click on Send.

Now you can go back to your OctoTable account and do a print test.

Once the printer is set up you can customize the print settings!

Click here to read the article!


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How can I print my customers orders?

Read this tutorial to know how you can activate and customize the printing of your orders!


Printer Set up

First of all,  you have to set up the printer, if you haven't done it yet click here to access the guide and then come back to this article!


Customize the information to be printed


Now you can access the Configuration > Printers section and click on the pencil next to EPSON.

On the right side of the screen, you will find the section dedicated to printing the ticket for the delivery manager (if you don't have the Takeaway / Delivery service, turn it on OFF - for more info on Takeaway / Delivery click here):

Then you have the settings for the kitchen ticket:

As you can see, each info can be printed or not by turning the On / Off button.

Remember to click on SAVE before you leave the page.

When does the automatic printing occurr?

If you activate AUTOMATIC printing by turning ON, the ticket will be printed when:

- the order is placed online during the booking process

- the order is saved on a reservation entered manually for delivery / takeaway

If, on the other hand, it's you who enters the customer's order from the booking detail, just click on the PRINT button that you find below the order's list, as you can see in the image: 


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