Order dish courses

With OctoTable you can keep track of order courses, read the article to understand how it works!

If a customer wants a starter, a first course, a main course, a side dish and a dessert, you must be able to to adjust the flow of each course. 

With OctoTable it is possible to indicate whether the dish in question should be part of the first, second, third or fourth course. 

To be able to create this flow, it is necessary to go into Reservation details.

To access the reservation details, click on the little green pencil next to the reservation;

after opening the tab click on Go to all details.

From the Order section, click on the dash situated next to each ordered dish,

which will allow you to choose the order in which the dishes will come out.

At this point, you just have to select which order you want for each dish and submit the order.

In the Reservations > Orders section, you can view the order in which the dishes will be served, with a number displayed next to the status of the selected dish

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