How can a customer pick a table?

If you have the "Pick your table" package in your subscription, your customers can choose the table they prefer at the time of booking!

Make sure you have created the map of your restaurant, so it will be ready to be published on your booking page for your customers. In each area you can customize the background, the position of your tables, you can arrange your seats according to your needs. Each table can have its own image as well and you can arrange it as you want.

Click here to read the article dedicated to the floor plan!

Once the floor plan has been arranged, access the service for which you want to give the choice of the table to your customer (Configuration> Services> Green pencil) and under Let your guests pick their seat, put YES

This way, on the booking page, the customer can decide whether to choose their seat or not.

Attention > Seat selection is only possible for single tables. In the case of grouped resources, the seat cannot be chosen by the customer. Therefore, if the customer selects a number of people included in a grouped resource, the digital room will not be visible

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