Deliver your dishes everywhere!

Go to Configuration > Pickup/Delivery and activate the service you offer by turning [on] the button.

Customize your payment options:

  • pay now or cash on delivery: insert 100% at Deposit percentage and turn ON Cash on delivery
  • pay now: insert 100% at Deposit percentage and turn OFF Cash on delivery
  • pay a deposit: set the percentage you want and turn OFF Cash on delivery

Set the minimum distance for your delivery service, the minimum order and the delivery fee.



In order to receive advance payments, you need to connect your Stripe and/or Paypal account in Advanced Settings > Advances/Receipts.

Now access the Services section and click on the green pencil ✏️ corresponding to the services for which you offer the Pickup and Delivery service.

For example, select the LUNCH service: under Booking mode, select the services you make available for the dinner shift from the drop-down menu.

(E.g. if from 6pm onwards room service is not available but the Pickup and Delivery services are available, you can only select the latter two)

In the same page set the maximum bookings per service and per hour, for both services (click here to know more about it)

Here's what the customer will see on the booking page, he can select the type of booking here 👇.

And then he chooses between pickup and delivery

In Reservations > Orders section you can see the dishes ordered which will be marked with the appropriate wording and icon to distinguish them:

You can decide to filter the orders according to the type of reservation (Delivery/Pickup/Tables), according to the services (Lunch/Dinner etc...).

❗ Note: the time you see on Order page refers to the delivery time, not the creation of reservation (you find it in reservations list)

Reservations can be found Reservations > Pickup and Reservations > Delivery

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