How can I manage orders on OctoTable?

In this article we have collected all the options available to you to be able to receive orders digitally from the OctoTable menu.

This way you will be able to understand which is the function that best meets your needs!

1. Have the customer sitting at the table send orders: with this function you can allow the customer to scan the QR code of the table or workstation where he is and order directly from the menu, read the ARTICLE

2. Have the customer send orders from the digital menu: in this way you will have a single QR code of the digital menu, the customer reads the menu and can click on the Order Now button, access the ARTICLE 

3. Have the waiter take the order: if you don't want the customer to place the order, you can have it done directly by the waiter in the dining room, read the ARTICLE

4. Receive the order in advance when booking the table: by activating this function, the customer who books the table can at the same time send an order from the menu. In this way, in the kitchen you will be able to organize the preparation of the dishes in time, read the ARTICLE

5. Pay&Go: this feature allows you to scan a single QR code, request mandatory advance payment and then allow the customer to go and collect the dish. Read the ARTICLE 

6. Pickup/Delivery: you can also receive orders by activating the Pickup and Delivery service, click here to read the ARTICLE


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